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Hoist KAIXUN PA 200-900
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Specification of Hoist KAIXUN PA 200-900

Hoist KAIXUN PA 200-900

Input power: 480-1800W
Rated capacity (kg): 100 - 990 kg
Lifting speed: 4 - 10 m / min
Lifting height: 6 - 12 m

Hoists are one of a kind of lifting aircraft that is widely used as a lifter and carrier in industrial areas, factories, or workshops. This aircraft is equipped with wheels and rail tracks in order to move forward and backward to support the process of work. Crane Hoist is used in the process of lifting the load with a light weight to the load with a medium weight. Crane Hoist is commonly used for indoor pickup and hauling. The Crane Hoist is above, close to the roof of the room.

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