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Electric Hoist Hitachi
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Specification of Electric Hoist Hitachi

Hoist Hitachi

1 Highly Reliable Braking System Unique to Hitachi
The hoist detects the amount of lining abrasion. The brake is equipped with an automatic adjusting device to apply brake torque in proportion to the amount of lining abrasion. The double braking system consists of the main brake and the auxiliary brake unit.

2 Hoisting Motor with a Thermal Protector
The hoisting motor automatically stops when sensing the heat of the motor coil in order to protect the motor from burning damage caused by heat due to overwork.

3 Efficient Maintenance is Possible
The starting time counter in the control box facilitates checking of the lifetime of consumable parts.
The gear inspection window in the control box allows visual checks of the condition of the gear teeth surface and lubrication to some degree.
The punch mark on the hook indicates the reference point for the hook inspection of deformation. 
The inspection of the rope end is easy.

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