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Exhaust Fan

Is a tool that accelerates the air circulation in the house. It works by sucking air that is in room and then the air is expelled outside the room. Bina Unggul Bangun Abadi sells exhaust fan which is also known by the name of the 'vacuum fan' or the 'air purifier fan'. It's because of it pulls the air out; not only circulating inside. This is different from the way the ordinary fan used to move the air from inside or outside the room. Other than household use, exhaust fan is also used in other fields, such as mechanics and industry.

The exhaust fan works to expel air inside the room out, and at the same time draws fresh air outside into the room. For those who need it for your ventilation needs, Bina Unggul Bangun Abadi sells exhaust fan that can cool your room without air conditioner. Quality is the main thing for us to provide the best product for your needs.

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