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Portable Dust Collector from Taiwan GWF, 1Hp to 10HP
Portable Dust Collector from Taiwan GWF, 1Hp to 10HP
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Specification of

Portable Dust Collector

Portable Dust Collector is an industrial tool that sucks debris and leftover dust residue. Smoke and unclean air are one of our major problems and it is caused by the industrial processes. These process such as moving one material to another, welding, conveyor works, and other activity can produce dust and debris which is normal. Dust collector is an important piece of tool that actually sucks and filter your environmental air and keeping the dust insude a dust bag. Clean air which are produced by the dust collector will be clean and healthier for you.

We offer you our own brand of Dust Collector GWF and we offer different variety of HP according to your needs. Table of information is also attached in the picture. Do contact us at Bina Unggul Bangun Abadi as soon as possible!

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