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Centrifugal Fan
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Used in a room that is not too large (small capacity of the room), but requires a long distance throw or thrust. In operation centrifugal fan using ducting system application so that all hot spots can be lifted or inhaled. PT. Bina Unggul Bangun Abadi sells centrifugal fan using kinetic impeler energy to increase the volume of air flow, which in turn will move it against the resistance caused by ducts, dampers and other components. This type of blower shifts the air radially, changing the direction (usually by 90 °) airflow.

So far the centrifugal fan is the most common type of fan used in the HVAC industry. Used for transporting gas or materials and ventilation systems for buildings and vehicles. Also suitable for industrial process and air pollution control system. For those of you who need it for ventilation factory / building / home, PT. Bina Unggul Bangun Abadi sells centrifugal fan that is sturdy, quiet, reliable, and able to operate in various conditions. You do not need to doubt the quality of our products, quality becomes the main thing for us to provide the best product for your needs.

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