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Axial Exaust Fan RFDD
Axial Exaust Fan RFDD
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Axial fan uses a shaft force to drive air or gas, rotating with the main shaft with a fan mounted perpendicularly from the outer diameter of the shaft. It is commonly used in short cylindrical ventilation systems, where the flow input and output can be connected. Bina Unggul Bangun Abadi sells axial fan with a diameter of normally one foot (0.3 meters) to 30 feet (9 meters), although the axial fan diameter for the cooling tower can exceed 82 feet (25 meters). In general, this ventilation fan is used on the principle of high volume flow rate, and the centrifugal fan is used for high air volume and pressure.

This Axial type RFDD Fan usually is used for ceiling and roof circulation system which can produce better air circulation with greater room capacity.

Kipas tipe ini tahan angin panas khusus untuk alat dapur yang bervolume besar seperti industri.

Axial Fan GWF Dimension: 12" - 48"

HP: ranges from 1 HP - 30+ HP

Untuk perhitungan ventilasi dan dimensi lainnya, silahkan hubungi kami lebih lanjut di website kami!

For those of you who need ventilation fan for factory / building / house, Bina Unggul Bangun Abadi sells axial fan that has a large air capacity but has a small pressure. You do not need to doubt the quality of our products, quality becomes the main thing for us to provide the best product for your needs.

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